Nonprofits we Support

Shelter KC

We believe the love of Jesus Christ changes lives. We see it happen here every day. Established in 1950, it’s been our mission to serve people in need. Whether they turn to us because of bad choices, bad breaks — or both — we welcome those who are poor, homeless, hungry and hurting into our doors.

The HALO Foundation

The HALO Foundation was born to honor the heroes of Flight 93. HALO exists to develop students as servant leaders by recognizing specific overlooked needs in the community and illuminating the selfless example of the heroes of Flight 93 as our model.

The Global Orphan Project

Setting traditional institutional orphan care models aside, we’re connecting a global family united by a shared vision to care for vulnerable children and keep families together. Because we provide localized care based on a community’s unique needs, how we serve looks different depending on where we are serving.

Catholic Charities of KC - St Joseph

Catholic Charities empowers at risk people to create a pathway out of poverty by alleviating their immediate crises to create stability; then providing robust support to lift them to dignity and self-reliance.

Rose Brooks Center

Helping survivors find safe, affordable housing and gain economic stability to build safe homes, free from violence.

We know that safe housing allows the mind and body to heal. Through our Housing Program, Rose Brooks Center helps survivors find safe, affordable housing as well as gain economic stability to build safe homes, free from violence.

KC Pet Project

Donations support our lifesaving mission by giving a gift to help Kansas City’s pets. KC Pet Project is the only shelter committed to saving the lives of homeless pets in Kansas City.

Your financial support provides medicine, veterinary care, vaccines, food, and resources to help us save a record number of pets who have nowhere else to turn and to help keep pets and their people together.

Referring Friends, Family, and Neighborhoods to Trusted Roofing is more than just money

Choosing Trusted Roofing is Choosing to Serve Our Community

Gifting money to our local non profit partners is often more rewarding and meaningful than just pocketing it

Keep it, Gift it, or Both
It’s your choice when you choose Trusted Roofing

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Step 1: Submit your referral and let your friend know the preferred contractor will be contacting them

Step 2: The contractor will reach out to your friend and give them an estimate

Step 3: Once approved, the contractor will schedule the project

Step 4: Project is completed and final payment is received 

Step 5: The contractor pays Loyalty is King the referral fee

Step 6: A Loyalty is King team member will reach out to you to discuss whether you wish to keep the cash, choose a charity to gift it to, or both

Step 7: Donations are made by Loyalty is King to the charities of your choice and gifted in your name

Step 8: Loyalty is King then forwards you a thank you letter and a paid receipt from the charity you gifted 

Step 9: Give Loyalty is King and the preferred contractor a 5 Star Review

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