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Check for Local Storms

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Check for Local Storms

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Was your house affected by these recent wind and hail storms? Give us a call for a free, no obligation inspection!

Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling

For high-quality heating, cooling, and air quality services throughout the Kansas City Metro area, you can count on our team at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling to deliver the results you need.

Referring Friends, Family, and Neighbors to Trusted Roofing is more than just money

Choosing Trusted Roofing is Choosing to Serve Our Community

Gifting money to our local non profit partners is often more rewarding and meaningful than just pocketing it

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Scott Fokken has been in the home improvement industry for 35 years. During that time, he has personally overseen or installed over 10,000 projects. His first company was made with the goal of providing for him and his family, which it certainly did. One of Scott’s lifelong goals is to give back to the community, so he created Loyalty is King.

You can be confident that when you do a job with Loyalty is King, not only will your home be EXACTLY the way you want it, but someone in need will benefit from the donation we gift to them in your name.

Earn up to $500 every time you refer a new customer

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Our Referral Process

Step 1: Submit your referral and let your friend know the preferred contractor will be contacting them

Step 2: The contractor will reach out to your friend and give them an estimate

Step 3: Once approved, the contractor will schedule the project

Step 4: Project is completed and final payment is received 

Step 5: The contractor pays Loyalty is King the referral fee

Step 6: A Loyalty is King team member will reach out to you to discuss whether you wish to keep the cash, choose a charity to gift it to, or both

Step 7: Donations are made by Loyalty is King to the charities of your choice and gifted in your name

Step 8: Loyalty is King then forwards you a thank you letter and a paid receipt from the charity you gifted 

Step 9: Give Loyalty is King and the preferred contractor a 5 Star Review

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